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United Polyresins, Inc.

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MAP Film, Vest Bag & Softloop Handle Bag

United Polyresins, Inc.
United Polyresins, Inc.

Softloop Handle Bag

UNITED POLYRESINS, INC. is a manufacturing firm composed of energetic people from different parts of our country committed to work and help in the manufacturing of reasonably high quality polybags and polyrolls for domestic and foreign consumption, we help to generate employment to boost the economy for the development and progress of a nation.

We believe, therefore, that our workers be provided not only with their economic and socio-cultural needs but also meaningful and comprehensive training and development so that they can meet the life challenges of the future with confidence. We instill that our key to success is TRUST in our fellow workers, competence in one's job and dedication to each one's work.

As a member of UNITED POLYRESINS, INC. family, we must always work as a team for "TEAMWORK" spells "SUCCESS".

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United Polyresins, Inc.
Ground Floor, Goldland Tower,
# 10 Eisenhower Street, Greenhills,
San Juan City, Philippines
Tel: +63 (2) 722-9183
URL: www.unitedpolyresins.com.ph

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