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Rotor Dryers, Conveying and Loading System, Storage, Mixing


Drying System

Vismec is a young and dynamic reality, which is able to offer high quality and expertise also to the most demanding customers.
Technical know-how and high specialization make Vismec highly competitive compared to competitors.

Since its early days VISMEC had as his own core “Leading Innovation” to identify the company policy: leading and engineering innovation which identifies all our products.

Our dedication, determination, ambition to grow and young and strong entrepreneurial skills make VISMEC a successful reality, whose purpose is to please the customer and satisfy all his needs.

 The satisfaction of the customer is our main goal: his needs and requests are taken into serious consideration.

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VISMEC s.r.l
via Thomas Edison, 12
35012 Camposampiero ITALY
Tel: +39 049 9303710
URL: www.vismec.com

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