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VRG Arihant Plast Pvt. Ltd.

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PETG / PVC Tubes, Pesticide Bottles, Plastic Bottles & Custom Molding

VRG Arihant Plast Pvt. Ltd.
VRG Arihant Plast Pvt. Ltd.

PETG / PVC Tubes

VRG Arihant Plast Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Organisation & a quality manufacturer of plastic consumables for Diagnostic Industry, Microbiology Sector, Research Labs, Biotech Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry. Our products are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards. We specialize in producing critical OEM plastic components for our clients & we also offer selection of products from our off-the-shelf range. Our strengths are design and production innovation, flexibility, and the ability to listen to our customer’s needs. We understand what it takes to bring an idea from a concept to a finished product.

At VRG Arihant Plast, we are proud of our history of superior customer service. In today’s business environment many companies are unwilling to make changes to accommodate a customer's requirement. For us, that is never an issue. We can move quickly with new projects and are willing to make an extra effort to help our customers with other unique requirements.    

Our partnerships are based on mutual respect and our willingness to go the extra mile to accommodate our partner’s needs. If you are not currently a VRG Arihant Plast’s customer, we would like the opportunity to discuss your product requirements and work with you to demonstrate the difference we can make to ensure successful completion of project on time and on budget.

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VRG Arihant Plast Pvt. Ltd.
11/1, Samrat Mills Compound,
L.B.S. Marg, Vikhroli (West),
Mumbai - 400079. INDIA
Tel: +91 22 6577 15 14
URL: www.arihantplast.net

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