Sanner expands production facility in Bensheim

Wednesday, Aug 09, 2017

Germany-based plastic packaging and medical devices manufacturer Sanner has installed 14 new injection-molding machines at its Bensheim production facility.

The investment amounting to €3m aims to significantly increase production and lay the road for a future-oriented manufacturing.

The installation of the machines has been completed after one year and the entire machine park at the facility was replaced by the 14 new injection-molding machines.

The new injection-molding machines offer faster processes and can further be automatised at any time. With the new machines, the company plans to meet the challenges thrown at it by Industry 4.0. In the coming years, the company also plans to expand its portfolio by investing in the areas of capsules and desiccant packaging.

Besides, production ambitions, the company has also putforth its aims in terms of energy consumption at its production line. This will include renewed media supply for cooling water, compressed air, better raw material supply and the installation of new cranes. With new lighting and reduced noise levels, employees at the facility can benefit from easier workflows and better working conditions, as per Sanner.

Sanner managing director Dirk Mähr said: “Our goal was to further automatize production and consequently increase capacities and efficiency. A goal we have definitely achieved.”

Established in Bensheim in 1984, Sanner is a family-owned business, which develops plastic packaging and components for pharmaceutical, medical and healthcare products. The company claims to be producing 2 billion plastic parts each year for standard and customised packaging solutions.

The company has its operations across several countries including China, India, Indonesia, Hungary and the US, with over 500 employees. Last year, the company’s sales were €63.7m.


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