A. Schulman Launches Schulaform™ 9D LE Natural And Schulaform™ 9D DB LE Black

4 November 2016

A. Schulman Inc., a leading international supplier of high-performance plastic compounds, powders, composites and resins, today announced that it is launching two new low-emission grades, which help to meet automotive interior standards.

Air quality in automotive interiors is an increasingly important consideration, with legal requirements and industry stand-ards pushing automotive suppliers to reduce formaldehyde emissions to extremely low levels in parts based on polyoxymethylene (POM) compounds. To meet the stringent OEM standards, natural POM compounds must not emit more than 2 ppm of formaldehyde, while colored compounds are limited to 5 ppm. It can be challenging to find materials to meet the colored compound requirements, since the addition of color can have a significant impact on the level of emissions.

To help manufacturers meet these requirements, A. Schulman has created two new low-emission grades based on POM: SchulaformTM 9D LE natural and SchulaformTM 9D DB LE black. Both grades exhibit also a high melt flow reducing melt shear and friction during the molding process. This additionally facilitates low emission rates on the final parts. Fur-ther colors could be matched on customer request.

These innovative compounds also meet other requirements for applications in the automotive interior such as sliding ele-ments, clips, seat belt systems, speaker grills or lumbar support:

Good wear and friction properties
Balanced tensile strength
Good impact resistance
Excellent creep resistance


Source : engineeredcomposites.aschulman.com