Arrk opening new Poland prototyping center

23 September 2015

Product development specialist Arrk Europe Ltd. is expanding its operations across Europe by setting up a new prototyping center in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Craig Vickers, rapid prototyping operations director for Arrk Europe, said the center was ideally located to succeed within the Polish and German markets, as a lot of the firm’s larger customers have set up operations in Eastern Europe.

He added: “With our technical centers in Gloucester [England], Barcelona, and Alby-sur-Chéran in France, and support operations in the Northeast of England, Paris, Scandinavia and Italy we have established ourselves as key suppliers across Europe.

“Furthermore, by working together as one operation it has allowed us to deliver a number of very large projects, which no single site could have delivered alone. Therefore, with the need for extra capacity and to satisfy our strategy for growth, work has begun to create a facility in Bydgoszcz, Poland, where we already have a large toolmaking factory.”

The rapid prototyping center will begin with stereolithography and vacuum casting services, with SLS and rapid CNC machining capability to follow soon after, the company said.

Arrk Europe is part of Osaka, Japan-based Arrk Corp.