Axieo to expand its facilities in Greater Geelong

Wednesday, Mar 15, 2017

Axieo, the largest manufacturer of masterbatch in Australia and New Zealand, is the latest company to have invested in new facilities in Greater Geelong – a region that has been affectionately dubbed ‘Carbon Cluster HQ’.

In an Australian first, the new plant will be dedicated to manufacturing black carbon-based plastic pellets (or ‘masterbatch’) which contain specialist additives and are used in a range of applications worldwide.

Jade Weiss, Chief Operating Officer at Axieo said: “Carbon is fundamental to the plastics industry and has far reaching, practical implications for material science. Axieo is a nimble and ambitious company that delivers masterbatch and carbon plastic products that engineers, manufacturers and farmers rely on.

“We are pleased to be investing in the Geelong region at a time when many other companies are leaving the area, and to be located near organisations such as Deakin University, CSIRO, Carbon Nexus and others who share our interest in researching and developing plastic technologies.

“We are committed to ongoing innovation and to maintaining manufacturing and employment opportunities in the region. Our new facility will allow us to replace imports with local technology, provide a wide range of quality Australian-made masterbatches to local and international customers, and expand our R&D”, Weiss said.

Axieo’s new expanded premises, which are on an 80,000sqm site, will replace Axieo’s plant in Geelong. All employees will relocate, and a small number of additional jobs have been created, with plans for growth.

Black carbon plastic manufactured by Axieo’s team in Lara will be used in a range of specialty products such as:
• agricultural film that protects crops from the weather and increases productivity
• exterior cables and cable sheathing
• pipe used in agriculture and for major infrastructure such as mains water and gas supply
• mining tube applications and explosives storage  containers where exceptional static discharge properties are required
• water tanks, and
• recyclable plastic products, such as packaging.

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