Biesterfeld Further Expands Its Product Portfolio In Poland

Wednesday, Apr 27, 2016

Milar Sp. z o.o. has taken over the distribution of epoxy resins from the Czech company Spolchemie for the Polish market.

Milar is a subsidiary of the Biesterfeld Group in Poland and has over 25 years of experience in epoxy.
Suitable for the production of paints

"The cooperation with Spolchemie allows us to offer our customers highly versatile resins along with professional technical advice and the ability to laboratory support. They are suitable for the application as laminating and casting resins as well as basic components for the production of paints, varnishes and floor coatings," says Dr. Jacek Polewski, General Manager of Milar.
About Spolchemie

Spolchemie is a leading European manufacturer of special and base epoxy resins, inorganic derivatives as well as alkyd and polyester resins. Since 1856 the company continuously brings innovation in the chemistry. Its long-term success and stability are based on experience and expertise in research, development and production of high-quality products.


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