Curbell Plastics, Inc. is Exclusive Distributor of OP-TEK™ Flex Family

2 June 2016

Curbell Plastics, Inc., one of the nation’s premier suppliers of plastic sheet, rod, tube, film, adhesives, sealants, and prototyping materials, has announced the availability of OP-TEK™ Flex materials used specifically for the inner liner for prosthetic devices and inner boots for orthoses. OP-TEK™ materials are soft, flexible sheet materials that provide significant patient comfort when used as the inner liner for rigid socket frames and inner boots for orthoses.

Curbell is the exclusive distributor for the OP-TEK™ Flex Family that includes OP-TEK™ Flex in black or natural, OP-TEK™ Flex Comfort, and OP-TEK™ BiLam.  OP-TEK™ Flex Comfort is silicone-free and internally lubricated so it has a smooth feel and is easier to don and doff as compared to other materials that may have a higher coefficient of friction. Since it is silicone-free, it is also easier to fabricate, offering a more consistent wall thickness that produces seams with less risk of failure. The OP-TEK™ Flex BiLam offers both comfort and a cosmetically appealing look since it has the ability to hide the trim lines and windows of carbon fiber socket frames. OP-TEK™ Flex materials are typically more cost effective than other materials making it an attractive choice for CPOs and their patients.

According to Jeff Wilson, Business Development Manager of Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Podiatry at Curbell Plastics, “OP-TEK™ Flex Comfort and BiLam offer amputees a much more comfortable experience when removing or putting on their sockets, providing added convenience. We believe the OP-TEK™ Flex product line makes a great option for fabricators and their patients.”

Applications for the OP-TEK™ Flex Family of materials include flexible inner liners for rigid socket frames, inner boots for pediatric AFOs and SMOs, and orthoses for hand and wrist. This lightweight material offers excellent formability, the ability to maintain consistent walls when formed, and is cold flow (creep) resistant.


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