Designers Are Key To Plastic Pollution Solutions

20 September 2016

The Plasticity Forum brings its big discussion on the future of plastic sustainability to London, giving the design community a chance to learn how to lead the brands they work for, and products they develop, into a circular economy, where waste becomes a valuable asset.  Proudly part of the London Design Festival (LDF), the Plasticity Forum will inspire a segment of industry which is often missing at sustainability related discussions - the design community.

Plastic pollution may be one of the biggest looming challenges of our time, but also one of the exciting opportunities when new design solutions are scaled across industries. France's recent announcement to ban all plastic plates, cups and cutlery by 2020, and the first country to do so, is evidence of the recognition of the ills that plastic pollution creates.

Some of the global expert speakers in this uniquely focused event, which covers a wide spectrum of topics within the plastic sustainability space, include Guilio Bonazzi, CEO of AquaFil, Chris Grantham, Circular Economy Portfolio Director, IDEO, Quentin Drewell, UK Circular Economy Lead - Accenture, Willem De Vos, CEO - Society of Plastics Engineers, Simon Widmer, Project Manager of Circular Design - Ellen MacCarthur Foundation, David Wilson, Director - Vanden Recycling, and  Pankaj Pancholi, President - Just Egg, who makes a new polymer additive from egg shells.  

The event is positioned as part of the London Design Festival because often the design community is not involved with sustainability discussions, options and opportunities.  As a result, they may not realize all of the issues and complexities which are associated with plastic vis-à-vis materials, processes and recycled content.  Entrepreneurs, innovators and designers will be part of Plasticity, one of the biggest sustainability events of the LDF.

Held most recently this past spring in Shanghai, the event brings together experts from across the plastics spectrum to discuss innovation and the dynamics of scaling processes, materials and recycling to reduce waste and create value.

"Plastic is an incredibly valuable material due to its light weight, durability and versatile properties, but it is but complex to handle when thrown away, exactly because of these qualities, and the lack of infrastructure in waste and recycling around the world that has not kept pace with the material's broad use," says Doug Woodring, Plasticity's Founder.  It is estimated that over 8 million tons of plastic makes its way to the ocean each year.

The event will offer "a big conversation on the future of plastic," and discuss where opportunities can be created related to recycled content, resource recovery, job creation and waste reduction.

"You can read all you like about the importance of change, but nothing is more motivating than the visceral experience of seeing, feeling and breathing it, and this event helps to bring the designers into that frame of reference for inspiring new shifts in plastic waste reduction and sustainability," Says Chris Grantham, Circular Economy Portfolio Director at IDEO.

About Plasticity Forum
The Plasticity Forum has been held in Rio de Janeiro, Hong Kong, New York, Portugal and Shanghai, and is a cross section of thinkers, solution providers, brands, users and those who appreciate scale to expedite the solutions and innovations that exist today to keep plastic from becoming a problem for our communities and environment. Plasticity offers a global discussion and perspective on solutions, how to standardize across products or industries, and how to bring about new opportunities in production and recovery operations. For more information, visit

About Ocean Recovery Alliance
Ocean Recovery Alliance is an NGO that brings together new ways of thinking, technologies, creativity and collaborations in order to introduce innovative projects and initiatives that help to improve our ocean environment.  One of its programs is the Plasticity Forum, while it also has two projects with the Clinton Global Initiative focused on the reduction of plastic pollution, and is one of the only NGOs in the world to be working with both the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the World Bank's Global Partnership for Oceans.  

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