ENTEK, Separindo and NSG Group Announce Joint Venture

Monday, Jul 17, 2017

ENTEK, Separindo and NSG Group have reached an agreement for NSG to join the previously formed ENTEK-Separindo joint venture for manufacturing and sales of polyethylene (PE) separators for lead-acid batteries.

In the rapidly expanding Asian market for automotive flooded lead acid batteries, the demand for Idling Start and Stop (ISS) batteries is expected to grow significantly due to the needs for fuel efficiency and the reduction of carbon emission. ENTEK and NSG Group are technology leaders in the ISS batteries for which PE separators play a key role in ensuring the higher battery durability and performance to withstand frequent charge/discharge.

NSG Group’s investment in the joint venture company in Indonesia is aimed at upgrading its product supply capability in the expanding Asian market by partnering with ENTEK, the world’s leading producer of PE separators, to generate a synergy in sales, manufacturing and research and development.

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