Freeport, Maine, Bans Plastic Bags

29 June 2016

According to an article on, Falmouth, Maine, residents of Freeport, Maine, voted 804 to 501 to ban single-use plastic bags from certain stores Tuesday, June 14, 2016.
The ordinance was suggested by residents Elly Bengtsson and Meredith Broderick in 2014, when the two attended Freeport High School.
“Now an estimated 2 million-plus single-use bags will be removed annually from Freeport’s waste stream,” Bengtsson told the news site. “Now a conversation has been sparked about the harmful effects plastic has on the environment and humans. I hope that news about our town’s ban will spark interest, initiative and more conversations about plastic around the state.”
The new ordinance will be implemented Sept. 12 and will impose a 5-cent fee on paper bags. Both of these measures will only apply to stores with more than 2 percent of their sales in food, the article says.

Freeport is also notable for banning the use of polystyrene food containers in 1990.


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