GreenMantra™ Technologies Launches New Website

Wednesday, Dec 06, 2017

GreenMantra Technologies, a rapidly growing clean technology company that produces high-value polymer products from waste plastics, has launched a new website to provide customers, investors and other stakeholders with in-depth information about its revolutionary technology and products and their applications.

The GreenMantra Technologies website can be found at

In addition to general background on GreenMantra's proprietary thermo-catalytic system and patented process that converts waste polyolefin plastic into high-value synthetic polymers, the upgraded site also offers detailed technical literature, product brochures and application-specific information on GreenMantra's Ceranovus™ polyethylene and polypropylene additives. A section is also devoted to the company's newest technology that converts waste polystyrene, the world's least recycled plastic, into unique styrenic polymers with applications in inks, coatings and other markets.

The new site design makes it easy to navigate and find information quickly with a minimum amount of clicks.



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