GW Plastics Increases In-House Tooling Capabilities

Tuesday, Feb 13, 2018

In response to growing customer demand in its global medical device and drug delivery business, Vermont-based advanced manufacturer GW Plastics has expanded and upgraded their tooling facility in Vermont with additive manufacturing technology. The company has renovated and enhanced their state-of-the-art tooling facility in Royalton, Vermont, and purchased advanced metal 3D printing equipment to build precision mold components.

GW Plastics has invested in metal 3D printing technology for conformal cooling to improve cycle times – in some cases up to 30% – as well as component quality and design flexibility. “This additive manufacturing technology streamlines tool design, reducing the components needed to build a mold and the overall investment our customers need to make,” said Timothy Holmes, GW Plastics VP of Engineering. “We are proud to offer this level of technology to our customers to ensure their products are being manufactured in the best mold possible.” GW is one of only a handful of precision mold builders that have invested in this technology. GW has invested over $2M in its Royalton mold-building facility in the last 12 months to support its R&D and expansion efforts.

This announcement comes months after GW’s purchase of Avenue Mould Solutions, an Irelandbased premier precision mold-building, machining, and injection molding company. This acquisition gives GW Plastics a unique industry position with precision mold-building facilities in North America, Asia, and Europe, in addition to injection molding and contract manufacturing. GW Plastics now ranks as one of the plastic industry’s largest manufacturers of precision molds.

“More importantly than just having advanced tooling capability, GW Plastics now has the global capacity to handle large-scale programs, including ultra-high-cavitation, multi-component, and silicone mold-building for our multi-national customers,” said Brenan Riehl, GW Plastics President and CEO. “With recent expansions of our tooling facilities in the U.S. and China and the acquisition of Avenue Mould Solutions in Ireland, GW Plastics now has both the expertise and infrastructure to give our customers the peace of mind that we can support their complex programs on three continents.”

Global market-leading companies trust GW Plastics to deliver their most challenging projects. To learn more about how GW Plastics’ continued growth and advanced manufacturing capabilities can help you succeed with your next product, please visit their booth #1909 at the MD&M West 2018 Exposition in Anaheim, CA this February 6-8, 2018. For more information or to book a time to meet with a representative, please contact Anthony Fleszar, GW Plastics Sales Manager – North America, at, or visit their website at



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