Lollicup® USA to reduce energy costs with new extruder

19 April 2016

Lollicup® USA Inc., which proudly manufactures in the United States, will soon operate a new, more energy efficient extruder in its production facility in Chino, CA.

The large, state-of-the-art extruder is a machine by the Reifenhäuser Group, which is the leading provider of advanced technologies for plastics extrusion.

The new extruder will improve the company's energy efficiency and manufacturing capabilities. Alan Yu, Lollicup USA CEO and co-founder, said Lollicup USA's energy use is expected to decrease by 25 percent.

Peace Chen, a production supervisor at Lollicup USA, said this new machine will also increase the manufacturing capacity by 50 percent. The company anticipates it will manufacture more than 1 billion cups in 2016, Yu said.

It will also improve the quality of the finished product. The extruder will supply the company with thicker plastic sheets, which are for making plastic cups and lids.

The new extruder arrived at the company's production plant in March, and will be ready for operation by summer. Once this machine becomes operational, the extruders currently in use at the facility will be decommissioned.

Energy use and conservation of the planet's limited and precious resources have always been hugely important to the company.

Since the opening of Lollicup USA's Chino office, Yu has pushed to minimize energy use for the company's operations; from the corporate office, to the manufacturing plant.

In 2014 Southern California Edison presented the company with the energy efficiency participation award for its LED lighting system. This system has helped Lollicup USA cut energy costs by about $80,000 per year.


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