New Value-Priced Injection Molding Machines Introduced

20 November 2017

Cincinnati Process Technologies (CPT), a leading supplier of machinery, parts, services and technology for the plastics molding industry, has announced a new line of injection molding machines from Taiwan manufacturer Asian Plastic Machinery (AP). The new line, named the Super Master EV2 Series, combines a high-precision servo drive system integrated with a proprietary servo controller in a value-priced line of machines with clamping force from 88 to 1,099 tons. Asian Plastic machines are sold, installed and serviced in North America exclusively by CPT.

According to CPT General Manager Mike Green, the new line from AP delivers excellent repeatability, precision speed and temperature controls (plus or minus 1-degree C) and a rapid clamping movement that saves up to 70 percent of clamping time, all while reducing noise levels. Additionally, the EV2 Series can save up to 80 percent of energy and water usage. According to Green, pricing for the EV2 starts in the low forty-thousand-dollar range, making the machines more affordable than others with these capabilities.

The state-of-the-art Smart Mold Controller in every EV2 machine allows operators to program various stages of injection speed, holding pressure and screw RPM. The B&R 10.4” display provides full function monitoring and the modular hardware design allows for future addition of automation upgrades.