NOVA Chemicals Introduces Recyclable Oxygen Barrier Film Structure Design

Thursday, Jun 15, 2017

NOVA Chemicals Corporation, a leading supplier of polyethylene in the Americas, has developed an easily recyclable, oxygen-barrier film structure design. With this structure, food companies no longer need to make the choice between high-performance barrier packaging and recyclability. Products such as meat, cheese, nuts, and many snack foods that have traditionally required rigid or non-recyclable mixed-material packaging can now be sold in high-performance, recyclable flexible packaging.

This structure design expands on NOVA Chemicals’ recyclable film designs, which also include a recipe for moisture-sensitive applications such as dry foods and mixes, frozen foods, and confectionery. Both base recipes are certified to carry the “In store drop-off” package label from How2Recycle, a rapidly growing program to help consumers understand end-of-life recycling options. In addition, the designs are compatible with the #2 HDPE recycling stream.

“This is a win for customers, the industry and the environment” said Mike Cappelli, food packaging market manager, NOVA Chemicals. “It speaks to the consumer desire for lightweight, economical, and sustainable packaging.”

The new structure design can be used in a wide variety of package formats, including the popular and fast-growing stand-up pouch, pillow pouch, and flow wrapper. In addition, packages can be customized for single-serve or multi-use through addition of zippers or fitments.

Customers can work with NOVA Chemicals’ experts at its Centre for Performance Applications to collaborate on film structures for their specific applications. The Centre recently completed installation of its new Effytec horizontal form fill seal (HFFS) pouch maker, which will allow creation of prototype packages that can then be tested on-site.

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