PureCycle Technologies Plans Plastics Recycling Plant in Haverhill, Ohio

Tuesday, Aug 08, 2017

PureCycle Technologies will open an advanced plastics recycling facility at the old 100,000 square foot Dow Chemical site in Haverhill, Ohio. The company plans to employ about 60 workers.

According to the Ashland Kentucky Alliance, the facility will be the first of its kind to commercialize a new-age recycling process. Workers will convert dirty feedback stock into polypropylene of a virgin-like quality absent of the color, odor and other contaminants that hinder the success of existing recycling processes for polypropylene. Some operations are set to begin next summer, and the full-scale plan is set to open in 2020.

Procter & Gamble, which is headquartered in Cincinnati, licenses the recycling process to the company exclusively. PureCycle CEO Mike Otworth said, “We remember when this area was a prosperous, dynamic area, and we really relish the opportunity to make it that way again.”

Otworth is also an executive with PureCycle’s parent company, Innventure. Greg Wasson, a co-Founder of Innventure said, “We have come together and created something incredible, and we are doing good while doing good business.”

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