Roboze Forms an Alliance with Polymertal for Hybrid Product Solutions Based On Metal Plating Process

Thursday, Apr 06, 2017

Roboze, the leading Italian 3D printing company announced today that it has formed an alliance with Polymertal, an innovative Israeli company that specializes in producing hybrid products based on metal plating of 3D printed parts. As part of the agreement, Polymertal will purchase Robozes flagship product – the Roboze Oneplus 400 industrial 3D printer to enhance a unique plating process to be applied to Robozes metal replacement techno-polymers focusing on PEEK, PEI and CARBON-PA.

Established in 2013, Polymertals vision is to convert metal components to a new concept – Hybrid Products, which will enjoy the best out of two worlds – metal and plastic, with certain decisive advantages over metal parts that are manufactured by traditional methods:
– Weight reduction of up to 70 percent
– Reduction in time to market and production lead time of up to 50 percent
– Costs reduced by 30 percent

This concept is based on patented high-quality chemical processes that involve improving the 3D printed products surface and then metal plating with excellent adhesion and electrical conductivity. These Hybrid Products should find use in a wide range of fields from space up to medical where the products are required for the highest quality and harsh environmental conditions. Among Polymertals existing customers are top Israeli companies from high technology industries such as Defense, Aviation, Aerospace, Medical and Electronics.

As the 3D-printing industry moves the focus from prototyping to manufacturing, Robozes unique technology of printing advanced techno-polymers attract attention of large global manufacturers who are seeking ways to integrate 3D printing in their design and manufacturing processes. The combination of Robozes advanced thermo-plastics 3D parts and metal plating by Polymertal, will provide a unique value proposition that will enlarge the spectrum of possible advanced applications, supporting weight and cost reduction, and shorter product lead-time.

We are excited to collaborate with Roboze on developing this innovation concept. The market is looking for Hybrid Products and we believe that our joint work with Roboze will support this vision Said Ran Carmeli, Polymertal CEO.

The collaboration with Polymertal increases the value of Roboze advanced materials solutions, taking them a step further towards metal replacement applications Said Gil Lavi, Robozes VP Global Sales and Business Development. For the foreseeable future, integrating 3D printing in manufacturing will be with plastic plus metal technologies. Therefore, Hybrid Products will offer greater benefits compare to traditional metal manufacturing techniques Concluded Lavi.

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