Zemac® Copolymers Technology By Vertellus Offers Affordable And Sustainable High Rv Nylon Production For Performance Applications

Saturday, Dec 02, 2017

Vertellus, a global manufacturer of fine, specialty chemicals and plastic additives, has developed an affordable and sustainable alternative to the solid state polymerization (SSP) processes conventionally used to manufacture high relative viscosity (RV) nylons.

ZeMac® copolymers, a plastic additive technology engineered by Vertellus, is based on alternating ethylene and maleic anhydride groups that allow compounders to produce high RV nylons at the targeted RV for a wide range of extrusion applications including automotive parts, pipes, stock shapes and more. Molders of high RV applications can use ZeMac® copolymers to achieve improved sustainability and lower processing costs without compromising performance.

ZeMac® copolymers technology enables the production of “tailor made” RV enhancements by using virgin nylons alone or with recycled or off-spec nylons. Moreover, ZeMac® copolymers can help formulators achieve desired tensile strength and other performance properties comparable to nylons produced using conventional high RV nylon manufacturing processes.

Makers of flame retardant nylons are particularly interested in using ZeMac® copolymers technology to increase the melt strength of compounds and fibers while offsetting degradation that can occur with flame retardants. Customers are evaluating ZeMac® copolymers as a sizing agent for flame retardants to allow better compatibility while enhancing melt strength. Unlike traditional SSP methods used to produce high RV nylon with linear molecules and select chain extenders, ZeMac® copolymers can be compounded with low RV nylons to achieve high RV “branched” nylons.

The success of such branched nylon in delivering high RV performance is confirmed by shear thinning rheology, which may also translate into potentially lower processing costs for convertor customers. “The unique chemistry of the ZeMac® copolymers allows formulators to reduce the production cost of nylon compounds while still meeting stringent performance specifications across a breadth of industries, thus boosting both the performance and profitability of their high RV nylons” said Vertellus Marketing Manager Prasad Taranekar.

“Additionally, as manufacturers around the globe continue to elevate their commitment to sustainable production processes, ZeMac® copolymers technology allows formulators to integrate recyclability in the nylon compounds they manufacture.” Vertellus will be discussing the technology and applications for ZeMac® copolymers technology during PLASTIMAGEN® Mexico in Mexico City, November 7-10 in stand 4211.



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