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Eco Molding Offers High-Precision and Low-Cost Plastic Injection Molding Services

Friday, Oct 06, 2017

Eco Molding, a mold making service provider from China that has been operating for more than fifteen years, recently started offering high-precision yet low-cost plastic injection molding services for disparate industries. The owners of the plastic injection molding service provider said that the molding can be used now in packaging, automotive parts, wire spools, toys, musical instruments and optics, and even in storage containers, small tables and chairs and many different types of plastic products.

“The plastic injection molds we have started manufacturing now can be used in nearly all types of mechanical gears and parts and the majority of the plastic products available on the market today. Injection molding is the most common manufacturing method followed across the world for making these parts. We are now capable of producing high volumes of same objects and at a very low cost”, said one of the senior executives of Eco Molding.

The executive also informed that Eco Molding uses a screw or ram-type plunger for forcing molten plastic into mold cavities. “This helps in solidification of a shape that perfectly conforms to the mold contour”, he told the press while explaining the plastic injection molding process.

According to the executive, Eco Molding is now a well-known and widely trusted plastic injection molding manufacturer in China. “We have been in this business for more than 15 years and recently, we have purchased more than twenty sets of high-precision plastic injection molding machines, which reduce the downtime. The high-precision production model we follow helps us in keeping the cost of production low. We would like to add that the machines range from fifty tons to six hundred and fifty tons. We have imported these machines from Japan and Taiwan and we now provide 24/7 manufacturing services”, the executive added.

The CEO and managing director of Eco Molding said that they now want to become the top plastic injection molding manufacturer in Asia-Pacific region, and not just in China. “As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we have already a rigorous quality checking process in place and we believe we can serve many more sectors with our specialized injection molding services,” he said.

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