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Eco Molding Purchased Sophisticated Plastic Molding Machines for Faster Production

Thursday, Jul 06, 2017

Adding new sets of high-end plastic injection molding machines in their existing store has upped the production services by several notches at Eco Molding.

As one of the pioneers in plastic injection molding, China based company Eco Molding has added few state-of-the-art imported machines to enhance their production. This is in addition to the existing high-precision machines, which means there will be faster production of plastic molds from now on.

Eco Molding is a specialist in multiple moulds for a variety of purposes, including residential, electronics, automotive and also industrial OEM applications. With more than 100 employees, the company has been functioning effectively since its inception.

“The reason we have got hold of these new machines is to better the quality of our production and also provide customers in bulk quantities. There is a greater need for commodities like toys, optics, small tables, chairs, storage containers, mechanical parts, wire spools and so on. Though we have never faltered in living up to the expectations of customers over the years, we felt by bringing these advanced tools will add to the benefit of many,” said an executive associated with the company.

From laborers to the top level management, everyone works in close collaboration with each other, resulting in better output. Since they make use of modern techniques in plastic molding, the machines are quite innovative and fast to increase the pace of work.

At a recent press meet, the CEO of the company said, “These machines are new and no other unit has got them so far. We are confident of what we brought for everyone who vests their faith on us and we can assure you won’t be disappointed. Besides, we have expert people who maintain a vigil over our production and check the parts thoroughly before giving a final nod. This way we maintain our standards, so it won’t be different this time either. Our workers have a rich expertise of working with numerous plastic products so they know how to make the best use of these devices and increasing the production like never before.”

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