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Envision Plastics Deodorized Resin™ offers a sustainable recycled resin alternative for scent sensitive applications

Thursday, Dec 15, 2016

Envision Plastics, a leader in recycled and custom compounded post-consumer resins and a division of Consolidated Container Company, is proud to announce it has shipped more than five million pounds of its proprietary line of Deodorized Resin™. Deodorized Resin™ is a post-consumer resin that has been cleaned and deodorized by Envision’s proprietary process. “To put it plainly, we take the smell out. Our patented process takes post-consumer plastic and reduces the odor to a level such that the revitalized resin can be used in a variety of scent sensitive applications,” said Mark Shafer, General Manager of Envision Plastics.

Deodorized Resin™ is available in natural and mixed color applications and can be further combined with other compounds. The product’s diversified qualities allow it to be used in a variety of non-food applications in which scent sensitivity is an issue, such as air-conditioning vents and personal care products.

“Our issue with using post-consumer resin in the past was the smell; but Envision Plastics has provided us with a sustainable solution for our high quality automotive products through their Deodorized Resin™. Caring about the environment is important, and using a recycled product that can be recycled again shows our customers that we are making the effort to be part of the solution,” said Jack McCoy, Plant Manager for Engineered Plastic Components.

“We have noticed a recent and growing demand for odor neutral post-consumer resins in the marketplace. Unlike other resins currently in development, Deodorized Resin™ is readily available and does not require our customers to purchase or install equipment,” said Mark Shafer, General Manager of Envision Plastics.

Envision Plastics believes in a future where everyday products positively impact our planet. We create safe, clean and cost effective inputs for recycled and recyclable packaging so that manufacturers, brand owners and retailers can contribute to a cleaner future. We innovate to outperform our competitors by reinventing the form and function of recycling to become a sustainable, closed loop system.

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CCC is a leading developer and manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging solutions in North America. CCC specializes in customized mid- and short-run packaging solutions, serving a diverse customer base in the dairy, household chemicals, food/nutraceuticals, industrial/specialty chemicals, water, and beverage/juice markets. CCC also operates a leading recycled and custom compounded post-consumer resin business, Envision Plastics. With 56 rigid plastic packaging manufacturing facilities, two recycled resins manufacturing facilities, and 2,300 employees, CCC has an integrated, nationwide network that consistently delivers reliable and cost-effective packaging and recycled resin solutions to meet the needs of a wide range of customers and markets. From its state-of-the art Studio PKG, to the recycling technologies of Envision Plastics, to its experienced manufacturing teams across its network, CCC delivers high performance, cost-effective solutions to meet even the most challenging applications.


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