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Hexion Stuttgart GmbH Presents New, Innovative Large Volume Resin Packaging For the Wind Energy Industry

Thursday, Sep 21, 2017

Hexion Stuttgart GmbH is introducing the Hexi-BagTM packaging system, a new large volume resin package designed specifically for the wind energy industry, at the Composites Europe event in Stuttgart Sept. 19-21.

The new packaging format was developed for Hexion’s epoxy adhesive resins and associated hardeners and provides wind blade manufacturers with several efficiencies and cost advantages. The Hexi-Bag capacity of 900-1,000 liters is approximately five times larger than the standard barrel, addressing the large volumes of resin required to produce rotor blades. In addition, use of the Hexi-Bag reduces residual material in the packaging to less than one percent, versus the 5 to 10 percent waste associated with traditional packaging. In addition, the Hexi-Bag can result in reduced internal shipping costs.

“Over the past ten years, the average length of a rotor blade has grown from 45 to 60 meters. As the resin volumes required for each blade continue to increase, it’s a logical step for us to provide more efficient, larger volume packaging solutions for our customers,” said Senior Project Manager Karl Eichler.

“When using the Hexi-Bag, not only is less material lost to waste, it’s also possible to save up to 80 percent on internal transport costs. These cost savings can provide advantages to customers in the competitive wind- power industry,” Eichler added.

Hexion Stuttgart GmbH has entered into an exclusive partnership with the Finnish company Fluid-Bag to provide its customers with an appropriate transfer station for material change. Hexi-Bag was used for the first time by Carbon-ROTEC, an independent manufacturer of high-quality rotor blades for wind turbines and components made of composite materials.

For more information and to see the Hexi-Bag, consult Hexion - Hall C2, Booth B06 - during Composites Europe or visit

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Based in Columbus, Ohio, Hexion Inc. is a global leader in thermoset resins. Hexion Inc. serves the global wood and industrial markets through a broad range of thermoset technologies, specialty products and technical support for customers in a diverse range of applications and industries. Hexion Inc. is controlled by investment funds affiliated with Apollo Global Management, LLC. Additional information about Hexion Inc. and its products is available at

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Fluid-Bag is a unique flexible IBC for the bulk handling of liquid, semi-solid and high-viscous products. Fluid-Bag manufactures equipment for filling and discharge and provides custom-made solutions for specific industry needs, using Fluid-Bag technology to improve the manufacturing and logistics processes. Additional information about Fluid-Bag and its products is available at

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About Carbon-ROTEC

CARBON ROTEC GmbH & Co KG is the leading built-to-print manufacturer of rotor blades formultimegawatt-class wind turbines in Europe. We have many years of experience in the production of high-quality rotor blades and technical components made of composite materials. Our product portfolio not only includes the processing of matrix materials from resin/hardener systems with corresponding glass and carbon fibers, but also process optimization for the production of large components made from these materials. The availability and proximity of the port of Ochtum makes our location in Lemwerder ideal for the production of large system components, which are especially used in the wind-power industry. Our site also offers the possibility of erecting additional production facilities and adapting our capacities to the ever-increasing demand for high-quality wind-power components. Our continuous commitment to the area of process and material development has allowed us not only to increase material efficiency, but also to manufacture a qualitatively perfect and economical product for you using our cost- optimized production process.

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