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RJR Technologies Announces Opening of New Phoenix Manufacturing Facility and Headquarter Relocation

Tuesday, Mar 13, 2018

RJR Technologies, a leading developer of high-performance Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) Air Cavity semiconductor packaging (ACP), announced today that it has opened a new manufacturing facility and moved the company headquarters from Oakland, CA to this facility in Phoenix, AZ. The new manufacturing facility will expand RJR's capacity for its widely accepted high-performance plastic Air Cavity packaging for RF and microwave applications.

"RJR is making capital investments on a 30,000-square foot building to house our corporate headquarters as well as expand our manufacturing operations to support our growth. We decided to move our headquarters from California to Arizona after working closely with the Phoenix Economic Development Council due to its friendly government, pro-business stance and available technical talent due to a strong semiconductor base. We will maintain our Oakland facility to run our custom specialty product lines as well as a second source for our high volume standard products. We moved into the building in April of 2017 and have just received our first customer qualification and are starting our volume ramp," said President and CEO Wil Salhuana. "Today our Air Cavity Plastic (ACP) and RQFN packages offer a compelling value proposition in terms of high performance, low cost and faster time-to-market, and the packages have been widely accepted as the package of choice for the RF Cellular Base Station Market."

Indicative of the company's success, RJR Technologies has already shipped millions of units of its new second-generation ACP2 packages to leading manufacturers in the RF market. Over the next few years, the company's industry-standard ACP packages promise to deliver similar benefits to applications in the Gallium Nitride (GaN) market, and RF Energy applications, such as lighting, automotive ignition systems, and consumer microwave appliances as well as new products that address other market applications.

About RJR Technologies

RJR Technologies, Inc. is a developer and high-volume manufacturer of Air Cavity LCP semiconductor packages and a leading formulator of B-staged epoxies. RJR is a top supplier of pre-applied epoxy-coated lids for air cavity packages and Isothermal sealing systems to provide customers with the total electronic package solution for all types of application in the semiconductor, automotive and medical markets. The company's patented, injection-molded Liquid Crystal Polymer (LCP) packaging technology offers superior performance and design flexibility at lower cost than traditional ceramic and over-molded plastic packaging solutions. At the same time, the company's standard product lines significantly shorten time-to-market. RJR Technologies is a privately-held company. For more information, please visit the company's website at

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