Promix Solutions launches CO2 dosing station for foam extrusion

Promix Solutions, market leader of static mixers in the plastics processing industry, is presenting its new CO2 gas dosing station at the Plast in Milan. Promix CO2 Gas Dosing stations have been developed to suit the specific needs of foam extrusion applications. The high accuracy, reliability and easy operation are the key features of Promix gas dosing equipment.
No matter if process monitoring with trend charts and user settable alarms, data acquisition, flow match with extruder output and many more, Promix CO2 Gas Dosing Stations provide all the features inquired for state of the art foam production.

Excellent mixing. Lowest pressure drop. Almost unbreakable

Promix Solutions launches new melt blender generation at K 2013 in Düsseldorf

Winterthur, August 2013,With the product launch of the new melt blender generation SMB plus, Promix Solutions AG sets a new standard in homogenization of extrusion melts. A Melt Blender or static mixer equalizes temperature and velocity of the melt over the whole cross-section and perfectly distributes additives. This leads to consistent high product quality and might even allow a higher throughput. The static mixer is installed directly before the die, after the screen changer and melt pump.