Two-Shot Silicone–Thermoplastic Medical Molding

Two-shot silicone-thermoplastic molding molds both a silicone and thermoplastic part in one press, and in one process. These parts are traditionally molded individually and assembled as one completed medical device component. The two-shot process eliminates costly secondary operations and assembly — the main contributors to increasingly higher part costs. This process allows for increased part performance and more consistent part quality, due to the reduction of misalignments in traditional insert or overmolding. Two-shot also allows for the elimination of one tool and associated tool validation costs. By molding two parts in one process, this technology provides design engineers with increased freedom in part design. Two-shot eliminates the need to design for assembly. The process offers the complete removal of otherwise timely and costly process steps. Two-shot in turn allows medical OEMs to bring high-quality, low-cost medical device components to the market faster.

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