Top 10 Largest Plastic Producing Companies

Plastic became an integral part in our day to day life. Many products have been made with plastic. It has become a part of our world due to its versatility and cost effectiveness. If compared with other things such as metal, plastic make the total cost of the final product quite low.

Plastic can be reformed, glued, drilled, cut, frozen, cooled, twisted, bent, melted and even recycled. It can withstand many ranges of the temperature when prepared into other purposeful products. It can be made available into customers in desired colors or specifications.

There are many companies that produce plastics across the globe. Here is the list of top 10 largest plastic producing companies in the world. This list includes the most famous plastic producing companies in the industry.



Check out the top 10 largest plastic producing companies here:

1. Dow Chemical

2. Hanwool Corporation

3. Lyondellbasell

4. Ihne & Tesch GmbH

5. Exxonmobil

6. Matsui Technologies India Ltd


8. Acros Pvt. Ltd


10. Ser Rezistans A.s

Dow Chemical

Dow Chemical, an American based multinational company provides chemicals, plastics, and agricultural products. It is one among the top 10 largest plastic producing companies and drives innovations through materials, polymers and biological science to address the world’s most challenging problems such as the need for safer and more sustainable transportation, energy efficiency, clean water, increasing agricultural productivity.

This company provides a wide range of technology-based products and solutions in high-growth sectors such as transportation, packaging, consumer care, agriculture. Dow chemical is the foremost worldwide supplier of major polyethylene (PE) resin across the globe and it is known as the world’s largest producer of polyalkylene glycols and chlorine.

Markets & Solutions

Dow Chemical delivers innovative products and solutions to markets across the globe.

  •   Automotive
  •   Building & construction
  •   Electronic Materials
  •   Industrial
  •   Packaging

HANWOOL Corporation

Hanwool Corporation is one of the top 10 largest plastic producing companies across the globe. It is established in the year 1990 as Fine Fine Machinery Ind. Co. Ltd (FMICL). It had started its operations as a manufacturer and a global leader of plastic and rubber forming process machinery.

FMICL  is one of the popular companies in the plastic and rubber industry as it utilizes the best materials to produce the best products.  HANWOOL Corporation is the subsidiary of FMICL and it will provide the professional engineering service for your convenient business in the plastics and rubber industries.

The major products of Hanwool Corporation are:

  •   Dispersion Kneader Mixing Machinery
  •   Plastic Extruder Machinery
  •   Straining & Extruder Machines
  •   Pelletizing & Machineries
  •   TPR Sheet Machine


Lyondellbasell is one among the top 10 largest plastic producing companies in the world. It is known as one of the world’s largest chemicals, plastics, and refining companies. Lyondellbasell supplies plastics, chemicals, petrochemical products, diesel, gasoline, among many other products.

LyondellBasell offers products and materials that helps to improve food safety through flexible & lightweight packaging, safeguarding the purity of water by providing stronger and more versatile pipes, enhancing the safety, comfort and fuel efficiency of cars, trucks on roads. This company is the world’s largest licensor of polyolefin and polypropylene technologies.

The major products of this company are:

  •   Products & Technology
  •   Chemicals
  •   Polymers
  •   Fuels
  •   Technology
  •   Quality systems
  •   Product Safety & Stewardship
  •   Supply Chain

Ihne & Tesch GmbH

Ihne & Tesch GmbH, one of the largest plastic producing companies in the world is specialized in the construction, manufacturing and supply of electrical heating engineering solutions.               
Ihne & Tesch offers the latest versions of Heating elements, the aluminium constructed elements focused on solving the problem of energy conservation. This company provides the ideal solution to the problem whether it is a question of heating, control or refrigeration.

The products of Ihne & tesch are used in the following applications:

  •   Injection Moulding
  •   Extrusion
  •   Blow moulding
  •   Hot runner
  •   Packaging
  •   Chemical, Dairy
  •   Die Cast and many other industrial applications


Exxonmobil is one of the largest plastic producing companies across the globe. It is an American based multinational oil, gas and chemical company. Exxonmobil is ranked as the world’s 9th largest public company based on revenue.

This company produces petrochemicals, diesel, plastics and gasoline among many other plastic products across the globe. Exxonmobil is renowned as the global producer of polyolefins and related polymers and resins. ExxonMobil, the largest publicly traded international oil and gas company, uses technology and innovation to help meet the world’s growing energy needs. Exxonmobil is one of the world’s largest integrated refiners, marketers of petroleum products and chemical manufacturers.

This company is specialized in using the following technologies:

  •   Carbon capture and storage
  •   Energy efficiency
  •   Extended reach technology
  •   Liquefied natural gas
  •   Deepwater drilling
  •   Exploration and production
  •   Hydraulic fracturing
  •   Vehicle technologies

Matsui Technologies India Ltd

Matsui Technologies India Ltd. (Matsui) is one among the top 10 largest producing companies in the world. It provides auxiliary equipment’s meant for plastic processing industries (for injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extrusions and stretch blow molding machines)  etc.

The product range of Matsui includes the mold temperature controller, dehumidifying dryer, low speed granulators, hot air dryers and blenders.

The product range include:

  •   Dehumidifying Dryer
  •   Hopper Dryer/Hot Air Dryer.
  •   Chillers (Air Cooled & Water Cooled).
  •   Mold Temperature Controller.
  •   Vacuum Loader.
  •   Centralized Conveying System.


SABIC (Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation) is the largest plastic producing companies across the globe. It is involved in business of chemicals and intermediates, manufacturing polymers, fertilizers, and metals.

SABIC is the world’s third-largest producer of polyethylene product and known to be the fourth-largest producer of polypropylene and polyolefins overall.  SABIC consists of four strategic business units such as specialities, metals and so on. They support customers by identifying and developing opportunities in key end markets such as construction, medical devices, packaging, agri-nutrients, electrical and electronics, transportation and clean energy.

Products of SABIC are:

  •   Polymers
  •   Agri Nutrients
  •   Chemicals
  •   Metals
  •   Specialities

Acros Pvt. Ltd

Acros Pvt. Ltd, the largest plastic producing companies in the world was established three decades ago. The machinery of Acros Pvt. Ltd is is included with cutting edge technology. This company has become a one stop destination for all types of the thermoformed engineering plastics components.

The products of Acros Pvt. Ltd are used for various applications such as plastic pressure forming, CNC milling machines, assembly services and so on.

The major products of Acros Pvt. Ltd are used in:

  •   Thermoforming Plastics Technologies
  •   Plastic Pressure Forming
  •   Plastics Fabrication Services
  •   Assembly Services
  •   CNC Milling Machines


BASF is one among the top 10 largest plastic producing company, which is established in the year 1985. It is known to be one of the largest plastic and resin suppliers. The products of this company are dyes, large number of chemicals, pharmaceutical constituents and agricultural products.

The broad portfolio ranges from chemicals, plastics, performance products and crop protection products to oil and gas.

The products & industries of BASF are:

  •   Packaging & Print
  •   Paints & Coatings
  •   Personal Care & Hygiene
  •   Pharmaceuticals
  •   Plastics & Rubber
  •   Pulp & Paper

Ser Rezistans A.s

SER Rezistans A.s has been a technology and market leader in providing the heating related solutions with the latest technology. As a pioneer in the field of heating systems, SER Rezistans provides comprehensive solutions to reduce energy costs.

The products SER Rezistans are used for various services such as heating solutions, technical services, engineering services, automation solutions and so on.

The product portfolio of SER Rezistans include:

  •   SESS Energy Saving Heaters
  •   Industrial Band Heaters
  •   Nozzle Heater Manufacturers
  •   Hot Runner Coil Heaters & Mould Heaters
  •   Infrared Heating Solutions