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Mr. Thomson Tan
Natty Team Group

Natty Group able to secure the project for HDPE creative road sign at the housing areas sites. This is more challenging for us, to develop more such ideas for public facilities usage. Apart from the playground components we are also focusing on the furniture design using our HDPE boards.

Pilar Navarro

From 2 to 6 October 2017, the Gran Via Exhibition Centre will host the 18th edition of Equiplast, the International Plastics and Rubber Event. In this interview, Pilar Navarro, the event's director, explains the goals pursued by the edition, which will be held in October next year, and the new…

Hanwool Corporation

Although HanWool is young company, Fine Machinery has more than 25years experience and both companies are strongly based on professional technical/engineering knowledge.

Mr. Thomson Tan
Natty Team Group

Our goal is to bring people together, creating stronger bonds between family members and friends, generating healthier lifestyle and sustaining greenery at the same time.

Abderahmane Ouhbi

Our products are in use in all branches of industry where warmth plays a role in production. Though special characteristic features our technical innovations are decisive in helping to improve the productivity and efficiency of our customers. The wide range of products variations and precision solutions ensure that we can…

Mr. Shirish V Divgi
Ferromatik Milacron India

Globally, Plastics industry is expected to grow at around 5-6% per annum, while developing countries like India and other Asian and African countries are expected to grow at a rate of 10-12% per annum.

Rajoo Engineers Limited

Good days ahead for Indian Plastics Industry says 'KHUSHBOO DOSHI'. The planned expenditure in infrastructure will surely give a boost to the manufacture and consumption of plastics goods. Plastics today find a wide use in the following sectors – buildings, roads, agriculture and similar infrastructure sectors and will thus get…