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Category : Industrial Supplies

Key Products : Material Handling Equipment, Reclaiming Scraper

Elecon Engineering Co. Limited (Elecon) was established in 1951 in India for producing material handling equipment. It is also the first company in India to produce bulk material handling equipment. During the span of more than 4 decades, Elecon has encompassed all the major core sectors through its supplies of highly sophisticated equipment bearing ample testimony of the symbolic mark of Elecon's unbeatable technology. Elecon has made its presence felt through consistent performance of its equipment in core sectors as fertilizer, cement, coal/power generation, chemical, steel plant and port mechanization.

Material Handling Products

Elecon supplies material handling equipment to core sectors such as steel, fertilizer, cement, coal in India and abroad. The material handling equipment division received ISO 9001 certification in 1999, which brought it international recognition. Product category under the material handling equipment includes trippers, wagon tipplers and marshalling equipment, crushers, scrapers, cable reeling drum, wagon loader, roller screen, ship loader, conveyors, feeders, stackers and reclaimers. These material handling equipments are used for tough duties.

Reclaiming Scrapper

The scrapers were introduced for reclaiming material in open-cast mines in the beginning of 20 century. Reclaiming scrapers can be classified into 3 categories - pivoting scraper, rotating scraper, and translinear movement scraper. Elecon has developed expertise in design and production of reclaiming scraper. The company is among the first few Indian manufacturers to produce reclaiming scraper for handling urea and NPK. Elecon reclaiming scrapers are available in 9 models. Elecon produces reclaiming scraper for handling coal, limestone, clinker, gypsum, bauxite and other materials. Reclaiming scrapers can handle materials from 50 tons/hr to 2500 tons/hr and more, depending on the type of material.

Helical Gears

Elecon designs and produces a wide range of helical gears. Helical gears are lightweight, space saving, and are designed to reduce foundation structure costs. Various types of helical gears available include ET-series, EP-series, Epex-series and special gears.


Planetary Gears:


Elecon produces planetary type slew drive gearboxes for various bulk materials handling, marine and defense applications. It also develops Worm Planetary Gear box for slew drive of stacker cum reclaimer machine. Elecon also custom tailors planetary gears as per client's requirements.

Mobile Crusher



Elecon produces mobile and semi mobile crushers for handling R.O.M. size coal, lignite, etc in open cast mine. Mobile crushers can be built in variety of sizes and capabilities for coal, ore, lime stone, over burden etc.

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