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Key Products : High Precision Automotive, Extruded and PVC Profiles

Precision Pipes And Profiles Company Ltd is the largest manufacturer of high quality and high precision automotive and refrigeration extruded parts, UPVC pipes and CPVC pipes for the irrigation sector. The company is a part of the New Delhi-headquartered Ajay Group and is one of the leading suppliers to most of the domestic and multinational customers in the country. The company manufactures a wide range of extruded plastic profiles, parts and sections, custom extrusions and PVC profiles. In addition, the company caters to the demand from the electrical, HVAC, building / construction, furniture and other sectors.

PVC Extruded Profiles


Our range of extruded sections and PVC profiles includes rigid extrusions / rigid PVC profiles, flexible and custom extrusions / flexible extruded profiles, co-extruded and triple-extruded parts. The company customises rigid PVC profiles and flexible PVC profiles and pipes as per customer specifications. The other products are extruded gaskets and door seals, decorated, post-operated and sub-assembled extruded products.


Precision Pipes and Profiles manufactures wide range of extruded plastic profiles and extruded plastic products. The company also manufactures a range of refrigerator gaskets, flexible magnetic strips, UPVC pipes, strainers and casings, hand pumps, flexible PVC tubing, fogging and misting system, automotive mouldings, flexible/dual durometer profiles, fuel resistant and speciality tubing, etc.

Lay Flat Hoses & OEM Extruded Parts Manufacturers


Precision Pipes and Profiles is the largest supplier of OEM extruded parts in India. The company is QS 9000 (automotive div.) and ISO 9001:2000 (refrigeration and all other divisions) certified organisation. The in-house dedicated facilities include comprehensive tool-room, compounding facility, a state-of-the-art laboratory and design centre with CAD / CAM and FEA analysis facilities.

Custom Plastic Extrusions / Plastic Extrusion Machine


We process a wide variety of plastics for our extruded profiles and custom extrusions including rigid PVC profiles (opaque and transparent) and flexible PVC profiles. The custom extrusions are in greater demand for ABS Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), TPV and TPR (including halogen free compounds), CPVC, nylon, LLDPE and PP.


Post operations of custom extrusions and plastic extrusion processes include punching, metering, screen printing, hot forming, drilling, machining, hot-foiling and hot-stamping, matching, painting and embossing.

UPVC Pipes Manufacturers


Our range of plastic forming capabilities include:


  • Custom extrusions: solid or multi-cavity
  • Dual and triple extrusions (multicolor, multi-hardness and multi-material)
  • Custom extrusions colouring with required opacity or transparency level
  • Customised physical properties (through formulation design)
  • Custom Extrusions with magnetic-strip / metal-strip / cords / foil inserts
  • Various online and offline operations as per customer requirement

Flexible Plastic Extrusions


Flexible Plastic Extrusions: We offer a range of post-production operations including punching, metering, screen printing, hot forming, drilling, machining, hot-foiling and hot-stamping, notching, painting and embossing.

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Precision Pipes and Profiles

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