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hotset Germany founded in 1973 has specialized in developing and providing heating elements and temperature control systems. In Lüdenscheid and Malta it manufacture high quality heating elements both as stock range and customer specific designed e. g. for plastics processing, packaging and die-casting industries.


hotset, with a strong presence in more than 40 countries proves its slogan "intelligent heating worldwide” by offering innovative processes and products that provide optimum benefit to its customers. With development of the coil heater a long term of innovations was started. By introduction of the hotflex flexible tubular heater and the hotslot nozzle heating element hotset established themselves as a well known partner to the plastics hot runner industry.



hotset also specializes in Customer specific solutions: as an engineering service provider they optimize and design more and more complete heating systems for industrial applications.



It widely offers an extensive gamut of stock starting from heating elements to customer-specific developments: no matter whether hotrod® cartridge heaters, hotspring® coil heaters or innovative products such as hotflex® or hotslot® - with high-quality customer-service hotset offers or creates the right solution - also customer-specific.

hotspring® Coil Heaters

hotset was already in 1980 one idea ahead as they presented the first round hotspring coil heater. Since then further innovations have been made: hotspring® coil heater/Mini (type WRP 1.3 x 2.3), flat and square, hotspring® coil heater/Maxi (type WRP 4.8 x 8.6) as well as hotspring coil heater®/Micro (type WRP 1.3 x 2.3).


This innovation as well as the humidity-resistant coil heaters according to IP65 (type WRP/F 2.2 x 4.2 - WRP/Q 3.0 x 3.0) emphasizes the consequent alignment to new challenges.


Application examples


  • Mass channel Technology - Heating of manifolds
  • Packaging Industry - Heating of welding bars
  • Mass channel Technology - Heating of mass channel nozzles
  • Packaging Industry - Heating of sealed heads

hotflex® Flexible Tubular Heaters

The hotflex® is worldwide the first flexible tubular heater which can be manually bent in all three dimensions. Easiest handling, simple assembly, optimal thermal features and the simple storage are outstanding product arguments of flexible tubular heaters.




With applications such as outline heating a better heat transition, considerable savings of the tool mass, replacements as well as lower energy consumption can be achieved.


And thus also in round (Ø 6.5 mm and 8.5 mm) as well as in square shape (6 x 6 mm and 8 x 8 mm).

hotrod® Cartridge Heaters

(Type HHP and LHT) are core products of hotset's tradition. By intensive cooperation - also with special applications - hotset gives again and again innovative impulses to its hotrod® cartridge heaters with new technical features (e .g. humidity-resistant connection area).


By optimal production conditions of Hotset Malta Ltd. an unique price-performance ratio can be achieved for larger quantities. Hotset hotrod® cartridge heaters offer high functionality and high production safety - driving quality!


Application examples


  • Plastics injection moulding - Internal heating of nozzles
  • hot runner systems - Heating of manifolds
  • Packaging industry - Heating of welding bars and hot stamps
  • Textile industry – Heating of cutting knives

hotcontrol thermocouples & rtds

As well as a large range of heating elements and temperature control units, hotset also offers thermocouples and RTDs developed and manufactured in-house.




A thermocouple consists of two wires made of different materials that, due to the thermoelectric effect, produce a voltage from which the temperature can be derived.

Depending on the desired application temperature, various thermocouples are available to choose

Type J iron/cupro-nickel acc. to DIN EN 60584 & ANSI 96.1

Type L iron/cupro-nickel acc. to DIN 43710

Type K nickel-chromium/nickel acc. to DIN EN 60584 & ANSI 96.1

Type K nickel-chromium/nickel acc. to DIN 43710




RTDs are used to measure temperature in many sectors of industry. Here, an ohmic resistor is used as a temperature sensor. Its resistance value is temperature-dependent. Platinum has established itself as the chosen resistive material. The most frequently used platinum alloy is known as Pt100, which we manufacture according to DIN EN 60751.Other available sensor types are, for example:

• Pt100 • Pt500 • Pt1000

• Ni100  • Ni120  • Various NTC sensors


hotcontrol Thermocouples and RTDs areas of application:


  • Plastics industry
  • Packaging industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Steel industry 
  • Ceramics and glass industry   
  • Pharmaceutical industry


Do you have a complete new requirement for feeding, removing or regulating process heat which would require new development?

Do you need complete machine components for your production, which can feed and remove process heat or regulate the temperature corresponding to the production requirements?

With hotset Customer Project Engineering we have the solution for you.

  • Design of heated machine components
  • System solutions for process heat
  • Optimization and design of heating systems for industrial applications
  • Engineering and development services

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