Company : Kabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd.

Category : Primary Plastics Processing Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment

Key Products : PVC Pipes, Pelletising Lines, Film Plants

Kabra ExtrusionTechnik Kabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd (KET), a part of Kolsite group is a leading manufacturer of Plastic extrusion machinery in India.

KET offers a wide range of single and twin screw extrusion lines for pipes, profiles, pellets drip tubes, mono and multilayer blown films The company has over five decades of rich experience in plastics industry.

It has got the coveted ‘Two Star Export House’ status. The Company is Five Time Winner of “Excellence in Export Award” and is accredited with ISO 9001:2000 certification.

KET has been benchmarking in plastics extrusion industry by sophisticated R & D techniques and various processes to cater to the market requirements for low power consumption, high output, maintenance free and user friendly Plastics Extrusion plants and machineries.

KET is in technological tie-up with -

  • battenfeld-cincinnati, Germany
  • Gloucester Engineering Corporation, USA

KET offers following major product lines viz.

  • Extrusion lines for PVC, cPVC, PVC Foam Core, Polyolefins, and, PP-R pipes
  • Twin screw lines for extrusion of RPVC/ cPVC pipes, PVC profiles & pellets
  • Single screw extrusion lines for PO pipes
  • Flat Drip Tube lines
  • Mono, Multi Layer Blown Film Lines
  • Mixer-coolers
  • Downstream and auxiliary equipments for pipe & film plants.

KET is dedicated to provide various solutions in the above product lines customized to meet the specific requirements of an extensive range of plastics processing applications.

A large number of extrusion plants, equipments manufactured by us are efficiently working in our country and abroad. We have exported plants to countries like Jordan, Syria, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Niger, Togo, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Sierra Leone, Botswana, South Africa, Sultanate of Oman Qatar, U.A.E., Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Brunei, Ukraine, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Germany, Thailand, Singapore, U.K., Fiji, Ireland, Italy, C.I.S. countries, Cyprus, and many more.


PVC Pipes Manufacture & Plant

KET manufactures complete extrusion lines with optimally matched components, sophisticated automation concepts and tailor-made solutions enabling processors to consistently produce high quality end products.


Twin Screw Extruders are crucial for the efficient extrusion of quality PVC pipes.A wide range of products are made on these extruders.


The screw has a maintenance free and self regulating screw temperature control system. Synchronisation of drives of extruder, feeder and haul-off enables ease of operation and reduction of wastage leading to cost savings.




KET high precision Twin Screw extruders can manufacture high quality PVC pipes which can be used for drinking water, irrigation, plumbing, SWR, casing, conduits, industrial applications, etc. The processor friendly and energy saving extruders are compatible with a variety of applications customised to meet requirements and produce excellent product quality.

Pelletising Lines

The Kolsite expertise has introduced India’s first Twin- Screw Extruder with high output for manufacturing of PVC Pellets. These extruders give high operational reliability, high pressure build up capability with smaller increase in temperature and large degree of freedom in the formulation.


Battenfeld-Cincinnati Twin screw extruder offers Electromotive Shear gap adjustment (EMS) for process optimisation and achieving best formulation setting. A cramming unit ensures acceptance of wide range of material and provides positive and continuous feed of poor flowing dry blends. A die face cutter with SS construction arrests contamination and guarantee clean cut with uniform shape and size of pellets. The special Vertical compact Pellet cooler does not allow pellets to sinter.

Monolayer Film Plant

KET offers rugged Compact Monolayer Blown Film Lines with best combination of technology and performance. These low investment, power efficient, high - speed plants, gives processors the competitive edge and quick return on their investment. Monolayer lines give higher specific output per screw RPM and is offered with grooved feed technology for forward movement of raw material and Candle type screen changer which ensuring wastage control and long production runs.


Applications for the Monolayer Blown Films are :


Pick Up Bags, Shopping Bags, Grocery Bags, T- Shirt Bags, Pillow Covers. Dairy Loose Packing , Bakery Packing, Envelopes & Stationary, Garbage Bags, Tear Off Bag, Lines.


Heavy – Duty Bags, Shopping Bags, Garment Packaging, Shrink Film. Detergent Bags, Mulch Film, Crop Covers, Chemical Container Liners, Textile Carry Bags

Multi Layer Film Plant

Multilayer Films are used for varied crucial applications in flexible packaging, which demand vital film properties like dart impact strength, puncture resistance, hot tack strength, gloss, oxygen and moisture barrier, etc.


KET with more than 300 Multilayer Film installations has been catering to the rapidly growing needs of the flexible packaging industry.The objective is to meet the new challenges faced by the customer for improved film properties and cost optimisations.KET has been in the forefrunt of introducing Multilayer Blown Film Lines with latest technology like Internal Bubble Cooling, Oscillating Haul-Off and Advanced Winding Solutions.KET’s power efficient, high-speed line give sthe advantages of lower conversion costs, high outputs and excellent film quality, providing processors the competitive edge and quick return on their investment.

Inline Drip Tubing

The line is equipped an extruder with special design barrier screws for best homogeneous melt and equiiped to manufacture LLDPE tubings for FLAT and CYLINDRICAL drippers.


The line comes with vacuum calibrator tank for sizing and cooling the tube. Material of construction is SS with twin chamber design and precise vacuum control to produce tubing to utmost accuracy. The tube is further cooled in spray bath which gives a shrinkage free final product. Air Knife arrangement provided to dry tube efficiently.


Other salient Features of this line are, technically advanced haul off for precise pulling force to maintain the dimensional stability of tube with dripper inserts and High tech coiler with servo control system to make compact & uniform layer coils. Along with all the above mentioned features, the equipment is designed to utilize power with extreme efficiency.


KET already has experience in machinery for irrigation tubes with numerous installations of Inline cylindrical drip tubing lines. In such critical environmental conditions, micro-irrigation has many advantages and thus it is gaining importance day by day. Drip irrigation regulates the amount of water going to the fields, plants and thus saves water. Its reusability enables cost saving and one can achieve green revolution in barren lands with precise irrigation techniques.

PVC Mixer Cooler

KET manufactures efficient High Speed Mixer and Cooler, to provide mix of PVC resins and other additives for making superior quality PVC Compound used in the production of PVC Pipes/Pellets/Profiles. These machines offer the processors Better Mixing Economics with Great Quality. High Speed Mixer is a Mixing vessel with special double wall jacketed construction with inside chamber of SS plate. Labyrinth construction of vessel and blade and hardened and chrome plated special Alloy Steel Blades ensure longer life of the mixer cooler. Water circulation arrangement is provided for faster cooling of PVC compounds and increased cooling surface. An AC Frequency Drive avoids sudden jerk creation, protects for short circuit and overload and is maintenance free. A Weighing and Batch Conveying System enables better mixing of resin, CaCo3 and additives in correct proportion. It also saves material wastage and labour cost.

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