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SER Rezitans traces its origins in Istanbul/TURKEY and has been a technology and market leader in providing the heating related solutions with the latest technology. Through our years of experience, technology collaborations, R&D efforts and proficiency in diverse applications and industrials sectors have made SER Rezistans, finest provider of Industrial heating solutions.

Imbued with the spirit of providing the best solutions, we are continuing to meet the challenges of providing new value to our esteemed clients. Our commercial and industrial development is the result of a pro-active and cohesive team, who is ever ready to proffer solutions to our clients issues.

Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority and we offer heating solutions to satisfy the needs of our clients. As a pioneer in the field of heating systems, SER Rezitans provides comprehensive solutions to reduce energy costs.

Our services include:

  • Heating Solutions
  • Engineering Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Technical Services
  • Automation Solutions

The product portfolio of SER Rezitans include:

SESS Energy Saving Heaters

SER Rezistans endeavor to provide the superlative energy efficient SESS products is the result of pre-eminent SESS Energy Saving Heaters. Through their air cooled heaters, SER Rezistans energy consumption can be economized up to 20%. We have developed energy saving products such as Ser Industrial Heater, etc under SESS brand to prevent heat loss.

Applications of SESS Heaters:

  • Plastic Extrusion Machines
  • Plastic Injection Machines


Minimum Diameter (Ø) 70 mm
Minimum Length (L) 100mm
Power Density upto 7 W/cm²
Working Temperature upto 400 °C
Working Voltage 230/400 V


Industrial Band Heaters

SER High-quality Band Heaters can be used for the applications that require high working temperature. The working temperature can reach up to 1400 °F depending on the application. Our band heaters are manufactured with a galvanized steel shroud and also stainless steel. To intercept the heat loss, Mica and fiber insulation sheet is incorporated between the outside shroud and the ceramics. This helps Industrial Band Heaters to be highly efficient and reduces operating costs.


  • The interlocking facility makes band heaters flexible.
  • They are less prone to expansion problems
  • They provide good thermal conductivity.

To provide the longest possible functional life, we use high-quality nickel-chromium on all our products. Ceramic band heaters that are manufactured with holes, slots, notches, European plugs can satisfy all types of requirements. Great flexibility for field wiring can be proffered through various terminals, wire lead adoption, and terminal boxes. SER Rezistans band heaters are installed on a round die to avoid damages and deformation during transit. We also provide various heaters such as nozzle band heater, mica band heaters and so on.

Nozzle Heater Manufacturers

SER  Rezistans nozzle heaters are used for heating manifold feeding nozzles and main feeding nozzles of injection molding machines. As one of the leading Nozzle heater manufacturers, we manufacture these products following the international standards. These heaters are composed of clamps, resistant wires, heat resistant cables and stealth materials.

Our nozzle heaters are of two types. They are:

  • Mica Insulated Nozzle Heaters
  • Ceramic Insulated Nozzle Heaters

Technical Specifications:


Working temperature upto 350 C
Maximum power density Up to 5,5 W/cm² (35 W/in²)
Diameter Range from Ø20 mm to Ø110 mm
Length Range from 22 mm to 80 mm
Power Point 110 W to 900 W
Working Voltage 230 V


Hot Runner Coil Heaters & Mould Heaters

Hot runner coil heaters are majorly used in the plastic and packaging industry in order to heat the parts in various shapes and geometries. Hot Runner Heaters and Mould Heaters encompasses high performance and they are used when space is limited. They need high power and are narrow and flat heating elements. Hot runner injection mould heaters can be in diverse shapes and geometries.

With the heavy usage of these heaters, there is a huge demand for Hot Runner Mould Heater Manufacturers in the market. Hot runner coil heaters are also used in the chemical process, hot-stamp, automotive and glass industries, cast and wood processes too.


  • Hot runner coil heaters can be manufactured with ‘j’ or ‘k’ type thermo couple inside and with various different power fields.
  • Sheath material of coil heaters is made of using stainless steel and Ni-Cr (80/20) resistance wire that melts in 1300C and magnesium oxide powder (MgO).

Infrared Heating Solutions

Infrared heating systems are used effectively in the manufacturing sector. These Industrial Infrared Heaters are used in processes such as curing, drying, heating, sintering, sterilization and many other similar processes.

Now-a-days, the industrial manufacturing costs very high and this led many industries to consider other alternatives to reduce energy costs either industrial or domestic. Low sensitive heat control of conventional heating systems, longcut-in and cut-out times, and high energy costs lead the industries to find a suitable solution. They discovered to build infrared heating systems. However, developing of new infrared sensitive coating and dyeing materials lead towards the development of new infrared reflectors such as lamps and control systems.

Infrared heaters are used majorly in infrared modules or emitter banks that combine many heaters to achieve larger heated areas. They can be operated in vacuum or atmosphere and they are usually classified by the wavelength they emit.

Infrared Heating Solutions can satisfy a variety of heating requirements, including

  • Fast response time that is in 1-2 seconds
  • Significantly high temperatures, limited largely by the maximum temperature of the emitter.
  • Temperature gradients, especially on material webs with high heat input.
  • Focused heated area respective to conductive and convective heating methods
  • Non-contact, thereby not disturbing the product as conductive or convective heating methods does.

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