Company : VFK Corp

Category : Primary Plastics Processing Machinery and Auxiliary Equipment

Key Products : Thermoforming Machine, Vacuum Forming Machine, Auto Hydraulic Cutting Machines

Based in Seoul, Korea, VFK Head Corporation manufactures thermoforming and vacuum forming machine, extruders, punching machine and molds for the global market. Established in 1995, the company also manufactures plastic thermoforming machines. We have been a leading exporter for more than 10 years supplying to the Middle East and South East Asia.


The company manufactures products for various types of applications including air pressure and vacuum forming M/C line, big size thermoforming line, medium size vacuum forming line, compact thermoforming line, cup production line and PS PE foam sheet extruder. The factory is located in Galsanri, Kimpo city.


The technical services of the company include technical support for new mold development.

Quality Plastic Thermoforming Machine

The VFK offers thermoforming machine in three broad categories – big size thermoforming machine, medium size thermoforming machine and compact thermoforming machine.




The VFK-1100 / 1200 auto vacuum forming machine falls under big size thermoforming machine category and is suitable for making cups, pots, lunch boxes, packing containers and supermarket trays. The capacity of this model is 900 shots per hour.

Industrial Thermoforming Machines



The VFK-900 / 1000 vacuum forming machine is one of the medium size thermoforming machine and is widely used for making cups, bowls, egg trays and cake trays. This model has a capacity of 900 shots per hour.

Compact Thermoforming Machine


Auto hydraulic cutting machines are available in two variants – VFK 800/300 and VFK 800/400 – under the compact thermoforming machine line. The two models are hydraulic cutting system-based machines. The VFK 800/300 has a capacity of 60 shots per minute, while it is 1,200 shots per hour for the VFK 800/400 model.



The PS foam sheet extruders are available with three different capacities 150kg per hour (VFK 90/120), 200kg per hour (VFK 100/130) and 350kg per hour (VFK 115/150). The VFK 90/120 extruders, VFK 100/130 extruders and VFK 115/150 extruders produce PS foam sheet that comes in 100mm width and 1-4mm thickness.

Hydraulic Cutting Machine



The VFK 800/300htm is an auto hydraulic cutting machine cup production line under small size vacuum forming category. It is widely used for producing plastic cups and molds.


The advantages of the auto hydraulic cutting machine cup production line include low-cost, low electricity consumption, low cost of molds, etc. The capacity of the auto hydraulic cutting machine is 60 shots per minute and this brings down the cost of molds considerably. Molds are made of material sheets of hips, PP and PET. The company also provides technical support for the development of new molds.




The punching machine works on hydraulic system and the applicable area is approximately 1,100mm x 1,200mm. The available materials suitable for the punching machine are PS foam, PP, HIPS, PVC, etc.

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