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Awanti Polymoulds Private Limited

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Automatic Multi-Cavity Moulds

Awanti Polymoulds Private Limited
Awanti Polymoulds Private Limited

Automatic Multi-Cavity Moulds

Awanti Polymoulds Private Limited is a national leader for prime quality Stretch Blow moulds for manufacturing PET products. Based in the Industrial hub at Pune, Maharashtra state, in the west of India, Awanti has achieved a commanding lead in their domain due to their diligence and alacrity.

Key differentiators –

  1.  Decades of exacting experience, an ever vigilant fastidious eye for precision and a deep commitment to strong work ethics has rightly earned Awanti all these well deserved laurels.

   2. Authoritative capability, exceptionally accurate state of the art equipment, motivated and skilled manpower and a principled philosophy are the cornerstones of Awanti’s operations.

   3.Awanti is focused on just one main business vertical– the design and manufacture of PET moulds. This dedication helps to concentrate the team’s efforts and energies in excelling and perfecting their products.

   4. Awanti is the vendor of choice for leading Indian and multinational clients for premium quality PET moulds. Awanti’s products are cost competitive and backed by the assurance of streamlined productivity.

   5.Awanti has a stellar reputation for quality and value for money. Their moulds fit right the first time – every time! They usually do not require any rework or service from the factory. The precision and foresight of these moulds allows a smooth transition from trial stage to full-fledged production – all in the time frame of a few shifts.

    6.Awanti moulds have the longest life amongst competition as a result of careful design, premium raw material and immaculate manufacture. The strong R&D department of Awanti ensures solutions to all problems and creation of entirely new procedures where no previous precedent exists. No job is too complex, no mould is too difficult, no method is too involved for Awanti – everything is possible!

    7.These assurances go a long way to win the trust and confidence of industry leaders, resulting in a long-term business and repeat orders for Awanti. An absolute customer satisfaction is one of the most sacred objectives at Awanti.

    8.The internationally regarded ‘Pet Planet’ magazine has listed Awanti as a notable mould maker from India - for 3 years in a row!

    9.The company is qualified with an ISO 9001-2000 certificate for quality systems. Member of respected trade bodies such as Tools and Gauges Manufactures Association of India (TAGMA) and Mahratta Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (MCCIA).

    10.Awanti owes its success to the hard work and dedication of its team members. In a scenario where high attrition rates are a serious problem, some of Awanti team members have been working in this job for years. This is a reflection on the friendly and fair human resource policies of the company.

    11.Awanti’s HR policies ensure the team member’s happiness and foster a sense of belonging with the company.  Special consideration is for financial needs like education loans for the children of team and for purchase of assets such as vehicles.


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Awanti Polymoulds Private Limited
25/5A/12, Nanded,
Sinhagad Road,
Pune 411 041, MH, INDIA.
Tel: +91-20-2439 2225
URL: www.awantipolymoulds.com

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