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ER&GE (UK) Limited

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Standard Sheet, Bespoke Products, Layer Pads, Pallet Cover sheets

ER&GE (UK) Limited
ER&GE (UK) Limited

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ER&GE is an independent manufacturer of premium quality extruded polypropylene sheet and polyethylene sheet. Semi-finished industrial engineering sheet and film products for use in a multitude of applications. Our thermoplastic sheets are made to order or supplied from stock for delivery direct throughout the UK, click here and request a quotation.

The company has a long history in the manufacture, washing and distribution of plastic layer pads, returnable packaging for the safe and hygienic transportation of glass containers and cans. We make layer pads with a variety of technical characteristics, dimensions and finishes.

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ER&GE (UK) Limited
ER&GE (UK) Limited
8 Gelderd Trading Estate
West Vale,LEEDS LS12 6BD
Tel: +44 (0)113 242 7341
URL: www.erge.co.uk

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