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Eschmann Textures uses the innovative LaserTec process to offer new, previously unimagined possibilities to improve the quality, appearance and harmony of all types of decorative surfaces. The special feature: Ideas & inspirations can be transferred into production technology with virtually no limits thanks to LaserTec.
It is possible to quickly and cost-effectively attain decision-making assurance as early as the concept phase using 3D design visualisation. Decorative patterns developed in this way are lasered into the moulding tool at a later stage. This gives products a high-quality appearance – from individual parts through to standard products. 

Technical functional structures are also easy to implement with the LaserTec process, e.g. for light reflection, friction, aerodynamics, etc. 

We have made further investments for you by continuing to develop the technology and steadily expanding the areas of application. Since May 2013, we have also been offering laser processing on two ultra-modern and high-performance systems at our site in Gummersbach near Cologne. We can process tools with a weight of 1.7 t. (Gummersbach) and up to 20 t. (Glossop, UK) with the systems available. Our specialist team can apply texturing, engraving, microstructuring, marking and lettering to 2D geometries through to complex 3D geometries for your project in no time at all. 

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