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Gayatri Plastic
Gayatri Plastic

HDPE Pipes

Gayatri Plastic has been one of the prominent Manufacturers and Suppliers of Hdpe Pipes, Industrial Hdpe Pipes, HDPE Tubings, HDPE Sprinkler Pipe, HDPE Plastics Pipes, powered by well equipped state-of-art manufacturing facility to fabricate customized double layer HDPE pipes and tubings,Our pipes are too plumbers friendly. Double layer and triple layers are designed to ensure longevity. Hygiene of water, and user friendly. We simply add value to conventional Industrial Hdpe Pipes. Since the inception 05.05.05 we have been committed to beyond customers satisfaction, leading to innovation.

At Gayatri Plastic each of our products is an outcome of an effort to conserve nature's precious resources through substitution or value addition. This is the legacy of a deliberate and conscious endeavor that stems from a deep-rooted concern for nature.

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Gayatri Plastic
No. 6, Ratan Sarkar Garden Street,
Near Kalakar Street Post Office
Kolkata - 700 007, West Bengal, India
Tel: 9831957479
URL: www.gayatriplastic.com

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