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hotspring® Coil Heaters, hotrod® Cartridge Heaters, hotflex® Flexible Tubular Heaters, hotform® Silicon Heating Elements, hotcast® Die-Casting Nozzle Heater

Hot Set
Hot Set

hotspring® Coil Heaters

Since the foundation in 1973 hotset has developed and produced heating elements and since then they have been on an expansion course. Consequently oriented by customer demands hotset solves heating tasks for industrial applications.

With production plants in Lüdenscheid (production of hotrod® cartridge heaters and hotspring® coil heaters) and on Malta (production of hotrod® cartridge heaters) hotset offers high production knowledge and innovation force.

Starting with a wide stock range via simple standard heating elements up to customer-specific developments: no matter whether hotrod® cartridge heaters, hotspring® coil heaters or innovative products such as hotflex® or hotslot® - with high-quality customer-service hotset offers or creates the right solution - also customer-specific.

In Germany and in more than 30 countries worldwide hotset proves its slogan "always one step ahead".

Motivated and qualified employees take care that hotset stands for proximity to customers, innovation, competence and reliability not only today but also in the future.

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