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Libesh Engineering
Libesh Engineering

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Libesh Engineering has been established in 1994 we are manufacturing high Quality Hot Runner System and delivered many plastic industries and accessories for domestic and indirectly international clients. Over the years of business. Our Office and Manufacturing unit located in Andheri-E, Mumbai-INDIA.

Our Hot Runner Systems includes Manifold Blocks, Hot Tip Nozzles Heater & Temperature Controllers. Manifold is to distribute the plastic entering the mold to the various nozzles to the injection points in the cavities, molten plastic runs within a solid manifold and within the nozzles, savings by reducing plastic waste (runner) and by reducing the cycle time. A hot runner controller is a temperature controller used to control the temperature in the hot runner. Hot runner systems are also referred to as hot runner-manifold systems or runner less molding.

The Two types of hot runner systems which we manufacture are Semi Hot Runner Systems and Fully Hot Runner Systems. Semi Hot Runner Systems contain one drop for two cavities / four cavities and are applicable for multiple cavity up to sixteen cavity moulds. In Fully Hot Runners each cavity contains individual hot tip nozzle which is fully automatic with cavity for up to forty cavity moulds.

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Libesh Engineering
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