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Low & Bonar PLC

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Geosynthetics and Construction Fibres, Building & Roofing Products

Low & Bonar PLC
Low & Bonar PLC

Construction Fibres

We design and manufacture components which add value to, and improve the performance of, our customers’ products by engineering a wide range of polymers using our own technologies to create yarns, fibres, industrial and coated fabrics and composite materials.

We manufacture in Europe, North America the Middle East and China and sell globally.We supply engineered polymers to a wide range of niche industrial applications with above-GDP growth potential.

Our businesses have been re-aligned to the global market areas we serve and put customers at the centre of everything we do.We populate our development pipelines with ideas and insight from our customers and markets. Our research and development team focus on meeting customer needs with engineered products for specific applications. Our innovation is focused on delivering improved sustainability, increased functionality and greater efficiencies.

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Low & Bonar PLC
10th Floor,
1 Eversholt Street
London,NW1 2DN
Tel: +44 020 7535 3180
URL: www.lowandbonar.com

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