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Makino Asia Pte Ltd
Makino Asia Pte Ltd

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To meet the machining demand of the fast growing Asia market, the world headquarters of Makino Milling Machine Company, Makino Asia was set up to fill the need of an Asian headquarters to better manage the Asia business and to serve their customers in the region more effectively. Due to the strategic position of Singapore geographically and economically within Asia, Makino Tokyo chose Singapore as its Asia headquarter and set up Makino Asia Pte Ltd to cover the China, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore market.

Makino Asia developed into a fully integrated manufacturing company, incorporating Research and Development (R&D), engineering production and business administration under one roof. Advanced processing, manufacturing and assembly are the key integral functions of our enterprise. Makino Asia produces the F- and E-series milling machines as well as the EDAF- and EDGE- electrical discharge machines and DUO-series and newly launched U3 wire electrical discharge machines on site.

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Makino Asia Pte Ltd
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Tel: +65 68615722
URL: www.makino.com.sg

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