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Malaysian Olefins Sdn. Bhd

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POLAR™ Plastic Thermal Insulated Boxes, POLYTANK® - Cold Water Storage Tanks & Flexwall™ Premium Road Barriers

Malaysian Olefins Sdn. Bhd
Malaysian Olefins Sdn. Bhd

Plastic Floating Cages

Established in early 1982, we are the pioneer and leader in PE (PolyEthylene) plastic moulding industry in Malaysia. Being the only moulder fully equipped with sophisticated computerized machineries from materials refinement up to final goods production, we have evolved to produce proven by over 32 years of experience quality products. All of our products are made of our in-house specially formulated PE raw material produced by melt compounding process; to greatly extend to the highest achievable durability, strength, and life expectancy of the final goods.

Being the first manufacturer of PE plastic water tank in Malaysia, in order to continue leading in this competitive environment, we build on our existing strength, we develop new competencies, and fully commit ourselves to continuous improvement. As a result, we achieve production efficiencies and product quality excellencies. We will always be guided by the philosophy of manufacturing long-term usage products with the highest incomparable standards. In return, our customers, our community and ourselves benefit from the quality products we endow.

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Malaysian Olefins Sdn. Bhd
No. 18, Jalan Pendamar 27/90,Seksyen 27,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor Darul Eshan, Malaysia
Tel: + 603 - 5192 4199
URL: www.malaysianolefins.com/index.html

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