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Plastic Processing Machinery, Twin Screw Extruders, Pipe Down Stream Equipments & Under Water Pelletizing System


Twin Screw Extruder

one of the leading heavy fabrication and machinery job specialist in Ahmedabad and serving various types of engineering companies from more than 42 years. Our prime motto is customer satisfaction. In Past,  has an OEM supplier of Plastic Processing Machinery manufacturer and now,  has expanded its production activities and independently started to manufacture Plastic Processing Machinery. We are manufacturing Single / Twin Screw Extrusion Plant sutable to produce RPVC, uPVC, CPVC, PPR, HDPE pipes - widely use in various applications like Conduit, Drinking Water, Agriculture / Irrigation, Infrastructure, Industries etc... We have adopted latest engineering innovations, technology to manufacture and testing our Single / Twin Screw Extrusion Plants. The Company has good dedicated team of professional engineers and staff in growth of the company. 

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Chakudia Mahadev Road, Rakhial,
Ahmedabad-380 023,
Gujurat, India.
Tel: +91 99099 00770 / +91 90999 58010
URL: www.margoindustries.com