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Modern Engarvers
Modern Engarvers

Pcb Drilling Plates

The Company "M/S MODERN ENGRAVERS" was established in the year 1951. The establishment of the company by Mr. Vithal Pandurang Vagal was itself an achievement, which began long before independence in the year 1938. It all started with buying an engraving machine which was set-up itself in a one-room (10x10 feet room) residence of Mr. Vithal in Girgaum, Mumbai. In-laws of Mr. Vithal helped their son-in-law, with their support and some of finances. It was a difficult task to stay and work in the same place sharing one single room amongst 9 family members. But those were the "days of joy" reckons Mr. Vithal. Due to his courage, strong will and determination Modern was the first company in Mumbai to have imported Deckel Engraving Machines from Germany. Since that moment there was no looking back and a small workshop expanded into a small scale industry under the name of M/S Modern Engravers.

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Modern Engarvers
306, 3rd floor, Jagruti Industrial Estate, 367,
Pandit Satavalekar Marg, (Moghul Lane), Mahim,
Mumbai - 400 016, Maharashtra, INDIA
Tel: 24374069
URL: www.modernengravers.com

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