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Rossi Stamp srl
Rossi Stamp srl

Precision Engineering

The Rossi Stamp , manufacturer of equipment and machinery for the extrusion of plastics, has studied and developed a innovative process for strengthening of continuous extrusion profiles.

With this new process called FIBREPLAS there is provided a continuous production of an extruded profile with reinforcement fiberglass localized where required to obtain the desired properties.

The process provides a cost-efficient solution processing, obtaining better properties as regards rigidity and greater flexibility in design than existing products.

The technology provides results you can get up to a 500% of the bending strength of the profiles compared to conventional extrusion and a reduction in costs if you do a comparison with the products of metal or pultrusion.

Eliminating the metal reinforcement, profiles FIBREPLAS are ideal environmental conditions where it wants to eliminate the thermal conduction and corrosion.

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