Mr. Shirish V Divgi
About: Mr. Shirish V Divgi - Managing Director

Globally, Plastics industry is expected to grow at around 5-6% per annum, while developing countries like India and other Asian and African countries are expected to grow at a rate of 10-12% per annum.

1. Having carried the experience of a century, Milacron LLC setup Ferromatik Milacron India. Did Ferromatik Milacron India come up to the desired expectations of Milacron LLC?

In the last fifteen years, Indian economy in particular Plastics Industry has been growing very fast. Milacron USA has invested in India setting up a world class manufacturing plant to cater India, SAARC, Middle East & African Market. Ferromatik India has progressed well to reach it production going beyond 1000 machines per annum and have become the leaders of Plastics Injection molding machinery manufacturers in India and delivering new technologies at affordable prices to Indian market and exporting to other 40 countries worldwide.

2. Having had about five sister concerns of Milacron around the globe which deal with injection molding machines, how does Ferromatik Milacron India strategize marketing to acquire more markets?

Milacron globally has defined markets for each Milacron entities. FM India sells machines in India, Middle East and African market. However, anytime customers of plastics injection molding machinery need different technology machines, we have been providing various machines available with the sister manufacturing organizations. Indeed we have sold Ferromatik Europe machines in India and Milacron USA is selling India make machinery in North and South America.

3. How has the journey been since 1995 in the Indian Plastics market?

Initially selling in India was little difficult due to higher technology & price level, however with advancement in processors knowledge preference for good quality, reliable machine has increased. Ferromatik Milacron India has consistently been a supplier of good quality machines at affordable prices with excellent after sales services. This has helped us to become market leaders in India. Currently we are manufacturing more than 1000 machines per annum and are planning for capacity expansion to produce 1500 machines per annum by end of 2014 and plans to produce 3000 machines per annum by 2018.

4. What is your say on the recent developments of Indian Plastics Industry influencing the global Plastics market?

Most Recent innovations are targeted towards Energy Saving, Higher Productivity, Product Consistency and Machine Reliability with low operating costs, considering these aspects Ferromatik Milacron India offers Servo driven, High Quality Injection Molding Machine at equitable price. Recently Major developments are on all electric, servo driven machines for energy saving with higher productivity and in Two Platen Machines for additionally huge saving in floor space by reducing the machine footprint. For new entrant with specific application requirement our new energy efficient Nova Servo cost effective solutions are also available.

5. India is growing economically with the competitive world around. How do you think the Indian Plastics Industry would enhance the GDP of India?

India having the tenth largest economy in the world. Today in India there are about 22000 plastic processing units and 150 plastics processing machinery manufactures. Indian Plastics is on the verge of higher growth rates about 10% -12% and this trend is mainly driven by Automotive, Packaging & Construction sectors. With continuous technical advancements and developments in the plastics processing machineries, expertise, and cost effective manufacturing is fast replacing the typical materials. On the basis of value added share, the Indian Plastic industry is about 0.5% of India's GDP. The export of plastic products also yields about 1% of the country’s exports with this Indian economy are already showing signs of recovery from the downturn.

6. How is Ferromatik Milacron’s injection molding machine different from that of your competitors? How have you innovated over the years?

Machine Quality, Output & Consistency in producing parts over the years with significant price and performance ratio, makes us different from our competitors. Ferromatik Milacron machines have high machine uptime and better productivity with lower rejections and low operating cost. Our strong after-market support and training, increases customers trust on us for their needs in plastic processing.

7. It’s good to know that Milacron is increasing the manufacturing setups in the Asian region in times when the plastic industry is in great boom. What is your say on that?

The current Indian Plastic industry has enormous potential for growth as polymer use in India is far below when compared to other countries across the globe. With increasing competition in the global market and the constant drive to improve our living standards, the scope for use of plastics is bound to increase multifold. Hence, demand for plastics processing machinery will increase in the years to come. Manufacturing machinery with quality with global standards, performance and service support is what Ferromatik India strives along with our global presence and knowledge base.

8. What is your say on the recent developments of Indian Plastics Industry influencing the global Plastics market?

In recent times Indian machines are being built for the global market. We focus to build the machines in India by using local resources with global expertise for world market. We need to be equal or superior to European performance with Asian price levels in the market where we compete. We have to use our capabilities, strengths, culture, knowledge strengths and technology to build world class machines in India.

9. As the plastics industry in the East African countries is gradually moving up scale, could we expect Milacron LLC to explore the African markets?

Ferromatik Milacron India is having around 20% market share in African Plastics processing machinery markets. We have a strong presence in African markets from past fifteen years. African plastics industry has great potential to grow in future and forecasting the African market, we are increasing our presence in these markets.

10. How would you forecast the Indian, Asia and the Global plastics industry?

Globally, plastics industry is expected growth is about 5-6% per annum, while developing countries like India and other Asian & African countries are expected to grow at around 10-12% per annum. Ferromatik Milacron India will put in the best of efforts to take the lead in these markets by delivering modern technology with affordable price solution and becoming a part of Milacron LLC being leader in this business worldwide.