Michela Carrer
About: Michela Carrer - Chief Marketing Officer

Since the beginning, Moretto researches, develops and manufactures intelligent and energy-efficient products and systems for the plastics industry. Moretto machinery is specialized in conveying, drying, dosing, granulation, storage, temperature control, cooling and supervising system.

1. Can you describe the Moretto’s activity?

Renato Moretto, president of Moretto S.p.A., founded the company in 1980, (at the age of 27) in Italy (Padua). Since the beginning, Moretto researches, develops and manufactures intelligent and energy-efficient products and systems for the plastics industry. Moretto machinery is specialized in conveying, drying, dosing, granulation, storage, temperature control, cooling and supervising system.

Providing innovative standard as well as customized systems, Moretto’s goal has always been to maximize process efficiency, guarantee final quality and energy savings for their worldwide injection molding, extrusion, and PET processing customers. Moretto strengths include not only precise, innovative equipment, but in-depth pre and post-sale service targeted to measurably improve the customer's production processes, and assure easy and intuitive operation by users of all skill levels.

Moretto holds more than 160 patents and continues to invest heavily in research and development activities that are carried out by a dedicated R & D center located in the Italian headquarters.

The company has a global presence with sales offices in Germany, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Brazil, Russia, India, and China, supporting the plastic processing industry in over 60 countries worldwide. Moretto assures its business outlook is global while its daily practices are local and responsive.

The group gained a top position among the market leaders in the production of the automated systems for the plastics processing industry.

2. What’s the Moretto’s position on the market and your vision for Moretto for the next 5 years and beyond?

Moretto is the leading Italian provider of material handling, drying, blending, and heat transfer and size reduction equipment. In 2017, Moretto Spa achieved record-breaking performances. The economic data show a growth of 22%, compared to the previous period. The Italian market is in very good shape; it grows and strengthens since 2009. Thanks to the excellent work done by the Moretto group, export is increasingly growing and represents the 75% of the business.

The company is following a precise business strategy towards the future and is continuously investing in technology, automation, research and skilled staff, in order to be able to reply to the requests of even more sophisticated customers.

For the next 5 years, the strategic program involves a huge project, which includes expansion and productive re-engineering following the criteria of Smart Factory and industry 4.0.

In 2017, Moretto has acquired important production slots: today, the company counts on 5 plants and over 75.000 m2 of production slots on the territory of Padua.

The creation of a new production slot of 20.000 m2 is carried out steadily. In 2019, it will house the Moretto of the future: a new 4.0 company, an example of productive, digital and logistic efficiency, an innovation pole, which includes training room and permanent showroom.

3. What is the strongest message that you would like to share?

Since 1980 Moretto is committed to providing smart and innovative machinery with low energy consumption, which aims to sublimate and strengthen the value of the plastics as an essential and unique “raw material” in everybody’s life.

In Moretto’s philosophy of know-how, research and technological innovation enhance this material by intensifying the importance, the characteristics, the quality and the several uses.

The company identifies with this “proactive” working concept intended to improve the working process of polymers and to award plastics a role of strength and power and now, after almost 40 years of “Plastics Automation”, Moretto adopts EMPOWERING PLASTICS as new pay off.

EMPOWERING PLASTICS means giving the more power to plastics by helping the supply chain from the beginning, and offering competitive solutions with high technological value for mould and environmental problems.

The choice of a new pay off is part of a strategic plan towards the future and the continuous investment in technology, automation, and research.

The Green Factor, which has always accompanied Moretto activities, evolves today into a new project called BE TOMORROW. Be Tomorrow is a renewed commitment of all of us who undertake more and more activities that involve the company and the whole supply chain towards eco-responsible attitudes and processes, towards research and continuous real innovation aimed at reducing electricity consumption, recycling and bio-plastics. A long-term project oriented to safeguard the world of tomorrow, that of our children.

4. Tell us something about your future endeavors, new applications & products that Moretto is coming up with?

Moretto will continue to invest a consistent part of its revenues in R&D, the goal is to furnish innovative automations focused on the specific requests of an increasingly demanding clientele. Products with high technological value, intelligent and sustainable machines, prepared for a 4.0 process management.

Moretto after more than 15 years of continuing research, studies, tests and simulations, presented Eureka Plus, claimed to be “the most advanced low consumption drying system available on the market”. Processors that have adopted Moretto Eureka PLUS drying systems have enjoyed an average 56% reduction in energy consumption compared to conventional drying systems.

Eureka Plus is comprised of four Moretto-patented technologies:

X MAX, a high performance, resin drying system with ultra-low dew point,

FLOWMATIK, a dynamic airflow management system,

OTX, drying hoppers with superior mass flow drying characteristics, and

MOISTURE METER MANAGER, the revolutionary device which measures polymer residual moisture in-line and adapts the drying system operations.

These four systems, working together, provide processors with a modular, self-adjusting, energy-saving dehumidification system for simultaneously drying plastic pellets and/or regrinds in multiple hoppers.

The highly innovative, Eureka Plus system effectively closes the loop on resin drying by in-line measurement of each granule’s moisture content and applying this data to the adaptive drying system. Ever-responsive, the system essentially provides “drying on demand”, based on the real drying needs of the polymer at any given time. Managing drying functions in direct response to environmental variables that typically interrupt predictable polymer moisture levels, the Moretto drying system can guarantee production certification and maximum energy efficiency.

The entire Eureka Plus drying system integrates seamlessly with Moretto’s Smart Factory 4.0 software, where data to and from connected devices is constantly exchanged to push all functions to the highest possible level of efficiency. The brain and human interface with Smart Factory 4.0 is Moretto’s Mowis and all the technologies of Eureka Plus are integrated via this revolutionary supervision system. Self-configurable, with intuitive object programming, MOWIS unifies all machines in the plant, together with the company’s management systems, allowing integrated process control, monitoring, and management from anywhere… on-site or remote.

The company proceeds on a precise business strategy aimed at the future and continuous investment in technology, automation, research and skilled staff, with a view of the 4.0 criteria.

A 4.0 approach is mainly required by sectors such as automotive, medical and packaging, which require major technological standards and where Moretto records his best performance.