Delrin® Introduces Breakthrough New Resin for High-performance Plastic Gears

14 September 2023

Delrin®, a leading provider of high-performance plastic materials, has introduced a new high molecular weight nucleated resin known as Delrin® 51HSE. This specialized resin is designed for use in applications that require high creep resistance and fatigue durability. Delrin® 51HSE expands Delrin®'s capabilities, making it a valuable alternative to metal components. By replacing metal with Delrin® 51HSE, customers can achieve cost savings, reduce weight, lower noise levels, and explore smart design concepts to reduce carbon footprints.

Delrin® has a strong history of offering formulations that have become the standard for high-performance plastic gears. Delrin® 100, for example, has long been a preferred choice for demanding applications. Delrin® 51HSE builds on these strengths and offers a significant improvement in fatigue and creep performance.

Testing has demonstrated that Delrin® 51HSE resin provides a static gear strength improvement of approximately 10 percent. However, the real advantage lies in its twofold improvement in durability, making it a cost-effective alternative to metal gears and other more expensive solutions.

Sriram Nadathur, Vice President and General Manager of Delrin®, emphasized the company's commitment to innovation and meeting customer demands for materials with exceptional mechanical performance, durability, and low global warming potential. Delrin® 51HSE is a testament to Delrin®'s dedication to providing world-class resins for demanding end-use applications.

This introduction of Delrin® 51HSE resin underscores the company's ongoing efforts to offer high-performance materials that can serve as sustainable alternatives to traditional materials like metal. It aligns with the growing need for lighter, more durable, and environmentally friendly solutions in various industries.